For the collection of our green icaro  I have been working for the last  years with a family of farmers who live in the area where the peruvian torch grows, they collect the best specimens of cactus without killing them as we do not cut the roots in a way to not destroy the environment. We  have an agreement with the community up in the hills for them to allow us to collect the cactus and we also collaborate in communal activities such as the cleansing of the main road that connects the town with the hills (especailly after the raining season), in traditional festivities and in harvesting of potatoes and other crops.

There is no activity that I participate in which the factor people do not be the central point. And of course the family of farmers doing the work and me are closed friends and in no way have a distant realtionship like a boss and employee, not at all.

About the other source, well it is very easy to become an imitator and compete only in price not in quality when your only one motivation is the money, just taking away the cactus without give any benefit nor respect to the people living in the area and having not a close relationship with the people doing the work.

Green Icaro

Coming from huge cactus collected and dried at 2,300 m.o.s.l

100% original

This is our highest quality incense , we remove the core, spines, outmost skin and as much as possible the white tissue in order to focus on the green tissue. It is really hard to get our green icaro as we have developed our own technique so our green icaro is unique,  we are proud to have been the first herbal supplier offering green icaro. Its perfume is beautiful and incomparable.

Seeds (2019)

collected at 2,500 over sea level

The secrets of the Universe are spread out before of our eyes...